Worldwide Index

Welcome to the new look Worldwide Baggies page! The old one just got so big that we had to split it up by country, so here is the list of those that have registered a Baggies presence and how many are in each one: click on the name of the country to view the individual entries.

If you want to be listed so that travelling Baggies can drop in, say hello, remind you how great the Hawthorns is and make you feel REALLY homesick - drop us a line using the Contact Us link down the left of the page. It's a big help if you can log in or register on the site first (click the Sign In button down the left) to do this, as you can set your name, email address and location first. To help reduce the problems of spam and viruses and to protect your privacy, email addresses are no longer published directly on the page - messages can be now sent to you through the site, but only by other registered users, and they won't see your email address until you reply to them.

Argentina Argentina (1) Australia Australia (28)
Belgium Belgium (1) Brazil Brazil (3)
Canada Canada (16) Costa Rica Costa Rica (1)
Croatia Croatia (1) Curacao Netherlands Antilles Curacao Netherlands Antilles (1)
Cyprus Cyprus (3) Czech Republic Czech Republic (1)
Denmark Denmark (1) Egypt Egypt (1)
England England (1) France France (2)
Germany Germany (2) Ghana Ghana (1)
Gibraltar Gibraltar (1) Greece Greece (1)
Guernsey Guernsey (1) Hong Kong Hong Kong (2)
Hungary Hungary (1) Iceland Iceland (1)
Indonesia Indonesia (1) Israel Israel (2)
Italy Italy (2) Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (1)
Japan Japan (2) Jersey Jersey (2)
Luxembourg Luxembourg (1) Madagascar Madagascar (1)
Malta Malta (1) Mexico Mexico (1)
New Zealand New Zealand (13) Norway Norway (2)
Oman Oman (3) Peru Peru (1)
Poland Poland (1) Portugal Portugal (1)
Qatar Qatar (1) Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland (5)
Russia Russia (1) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (1)
Scotland Scotland (3) Singapore Singapore (1)
Slovakia Slovakia (2) South Africa South Africa (5)
Spain Spain (4) Sweden Sweden (3)
Thailand Thailand (5) The Gambia The Gambia (1)
The Netherlands The Netherlands (6) Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago (1)
U.S.A. U.S.A. (26) Ukraine Ukraine (1)
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (1) Vietnam SR Vietnam SR (1)
Wales Wales (4)