Worldwide Baggies: Qatar

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Brian Anderson

I live and work in Qatar which is similar to Dubai - SAND, SEA, CAMELS and F**k all else like another of your contributors in Dubai. At least he is well paid unlike us in Qatar who are expected to work for buttons and cover for all the colleagues who have the sense to leave! The Indians are ruining things for us all with their YES YES YES replies to everything. I was a student at Wolverhampton Poly in 1974/5 and lived in North Street, a stones throw from Molyneux. What a boring bunch they are??/were. Used to travel to the Hawthorns as much as possible.

Hope WBA get their act together and get back to Premier League as soon as possible!

Brian the Baggies Supporter, but in my own League I am an Aberdeen supporter. We all have our problems.