Shares in West Bromwich Albion

The ownership of shares in West Bromwich Albion has been a complex and constantly changing situation for the last fifteen years or so. The football club, WBA FC Ltd, is now wholly owned by West Bromwich Albion Group Ltd, and following a recent offer and some significant sales, just over 77% of the shares in WBA Group are owned by West Bromwich Albion Holdings Ltd, a company that is in turn wholly owned by the Chairman, Jeremy Peace.

The remainder of the 9.620 WBA Group shares currently in issue are held by about 440 private individuals, many of whom invested during the Rights Issues that took place during the 1990s, and many of whom hold just one share each - which might not sound much, but the latest offer, in 2014, valued the shares at £3000 each, meaning that they have tripled in value over nearly 20 years.

Since the takeover of the old WBA plc by an older version of WBA Holdings back in December 2004, and the cancellation of the Stock Market listing, shares are no longer traded in public. The result is that shares change hands only when a buyer and a seller find each other, agree a price, pay the Stamp Duty and submit the appropriate transfer form to the Registrars.

Of course, if you happen to have an oil well or two knocking about in the back garden and are interested in buying a LOT of shares, the Chairman will probably be more than happy to talk to you directly and do you a nice deal...

Shareholders for Albion
Shareholders for Albion is an organisation that aims to represent the 400 or so small shareholders who, between them, own just under a quarter of WBA Group. They participate in meetings with the Club, publish regular newsletters by email and several printed newsletters a year and hold meetings and social events for members. For more information and details on joining, contact the S4A Secretary