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Nathan Southall

Hi to all West Brom Fans great and small, my name is Nathan Southall and I am currently studying at The University Of Wales in Aberystwyth. I have been here now about 3 months and have realised there are no groups that follow the Albion, so I have decided with the help of to set one up. If you are interested in joining this group then please contact me.

Ian Rees

I don't technically live abroad but I do live over the Welsh borders in the hills of Mid Wales. I recently had a chance to travel from Mid wales to see West Brom play Burnley with a Burnley supporter where I was delighted with the win. I was very pleased to see how the West Brom supporters supported their team all the way through. I couldn't shout for joy when the goals went in as I was in the Burnley supporters end! I became a West Brom Supporter in 1979 when I turned my back on being a Man UTD supporter, believe it or not!

I would like you to know that I am a lone voice singing the praises of the Albion to the cows and sheep in rural MID WALES, so I would love to see a Welsh flag on the web site. Any correspondence would be welcome.

Phil Capper

We owe Phil a bit of an apology - he's asked a couple of times to be officially listed as the Third Welsh Baggie, but for some reason the messages never seemed to get here. Sorry, Phil... Oh yes, he's in Wrexham.

Martin Eaglestone

Greetings from North West Wales where we have a small pocket of Baggies in the Bangor, Caernarfon, Y Felinheli and parts of Anglesey.

Looking forward to 07/08 with some new - if less well known - names. Onwards and upwards.