Worldwide Baggies: South Africa

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Trevor Field

I was born at St Chads in Edgbaston, lived in Smethwick, my father ran a pub in Oldbury called The Albion! There is only one team, even here in Africa. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me for a chat, or perhaps info on where to go or what to do here, as I've been here for 25 years, and know whats hot, and whats not!

Mitchell Brom

Firstly, thanks for such a great website. I am a pretty recent fan of WBA, but I had no other choice but to supposrt them, seeing as though my name is Mitchell BROM. I live in South Africa and have, unfortunately, never seen them play except on the tele - but am still an avid fan. If there are any other WBA supporters in South Africa, or more specifically in Johannesburg, email me and we can get in touch. Or also if there is anyone else out there with my surname (Brom) then please also email me!

marius wilken

I've been a Baggies fan since the days of Ron Atkinson and Cyrille Regis. In 1979 a few mates and myself started following the English football league and each chose a team. My team was West Brom and I've stuck with them ever since.I now own a backpackers and always have a few football fans around. Once in a while a Baggie fan will walk through my doors and not believe it when I tell them I too support the Baggies. I'm looking forward to meeting a few more of you in future.

Mark Leighton

I spent many a cold and wet Saturday afternoon with my Dad at the Smethwick end stand (when it was a 'stand') during the 60's and 70's. It was a golden era for West Brom as Astle, Brown, Hope, Osborne and co, made way for Regis, Wile, Cunningham and co....

I left the grey of Smerick for the sunshine of SA in'82, and have followed the Baggies ups and downs since then. I loved Megson as a manager (full of fire and passion). Mowbray(?), so far so good.... Here's to the '07-'08 season!

David Pugson

I am A West Brom / Baggie supporter and live in Cape Town. Originally from Essex, UK, have lived here for 37 years since 1976. Now retired in my 60's and a fan since 1960's though never watched a game live at The Hawthorns. My following is done on Supersport tv with all the live matches, and the WBA Facebook. Visited the Hawthorns on last trip back in 2011. Please e-mail me if you'd like to chat football West Brom!