Worldwide Baggies: Israel

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Simon Jaffa

I bet that there can't be too many Albion fanatics living in Israel. I'm Simon Jaffa, born in Birmingham and a lifelong supporter. I still try and make it to two or three games a season. Still waiting for the glory days to return (aren't we all). Any Albion fans out in this part of the world are welcome to contact me.

Joel Josephson

Well Simon isn't the only ex-Baggie fan in Israel. I used to stand up the Brummie Road in the days of Jeff Astle when we were in the 1st division and got to the finals of the FA & League cup. Great memories. Now sadly outa-touch, and maybe a bit outa-lunch, it's nice to see a real fanatic make such a fine site, obviously a work of devotion and passion, well done!