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Tony Beddow

Originally from Walsall, UK, I've been a Baggie fan since 1967. We moved to Adelaide, Australia in 1988, never been back but hope to in 2006, first stop will be the Hawthorns lol. Just finished reading about Gary Megson's job in doubt, what a joke he's the best manager we had in years, get off his back Peace. Go u BAGGIES.

WBASC Australian Branch

Australian Baggies now have their own Official branch of the Supporters Club thanks to the hard work done by Jeremy Barnes and Mike Trigg. For more details on how to join and get your hands on their highly desirable polo shirts and car stikers, contact Mike through this email.

The Australian Baggies have now set up their own mailing list as well so they can arrange get-togethers and discuss anything of interest down under. It's called ozbaggies and it's hosted by Yahoogroups - so join it in almost the same way as the BOING mailing list but substituting "ozbaggies" for "baggies". Drop them a line if you get stuck.

Michael Trigg

Not content with helping Jeremy set up the Australian Branch of the Supporters Club, Mike Trigg has even set up his own WBA page - take look at

(Note: This has replaced the previous page at the old address)

Stuart Ainge

I've followed the baggies since I watched my first game aged 3 days. Unfortunately I live in Australia now, Melbourne to be more precise, and haven't managed to get to a game since the Colchester debacle in the 96/97 League Cup. Any fellow baggies are welcome to get in touch.

Dave Smith

I've supported West Brom since the Cup Final of 1954 when WBA beat Preston NE 3-2 and Ronnie Allen scored the last goal from a penalty (and burst the ball on it's way into the back of the net!) I've never been to the Hawthorns but I will, ONE-DAY.

Stewart Bessant

I'm another Downunder OzBaggie. Been here since 72. Saw my first game when Jimmy Sanders was still in goal! Saw the 68 final at the Astle end, and was at the West Ham league cup triumph (and the disasters against QPR and Everton) I've been to only three games since, including the Prem debut at Old Trafford. I keep in touch via the internet these days and would be interested to talk to anyone about the Hawthorns boys via email. Go Baggies.

Matthew Holding

I come from Tamworth, NSW. I emigrated from England 2 years ago and now live here. I used to be a season ticket holder in the Halfords, Rainbow and Brummie road.

Ian Shenton

I am a baggies fan who now lives in Australia and have always appreciated your site for an unbiased view of what is happening at The Hawthorns. Whilst I have not been a part of Albion's support this year I took huge pride that we are judged as the best support in the premiership by virtually all the clubs. I know you've been saying this all season, but it's always nice to hear it from the opposition as well. Keep up the good work, keeping all us away from home baggies informed!

Richard Allen

Emigrated June 2003 to the worlds best kept secret, Perth WA. My family are Albion through and through, my dads uncle was Jimmy 'Iron' Edwards and his cousin was Jimmy Dudley. Dads side of the family are from Tipton The 'Allen's' and moms side from West Brom 'The Payne's'. I was bought up in Stourport.

First match I remember going to was a cup match v Scunthorpe when Keegan was playing for them. Went home and away for many years, had season tickets in East Stand just before we left. Best time was when I went to Zurich to see us play Grasshoppers.

Along with my wife,4 girls, parents and sister (in Brisbane) we are all Baggies in OZ, my car rego is 'WBA' I held the first Perth get together in November and 28 turned up, next get together should be March 2005.

If you're down Perth way give us a shout. 'Albion till we die'

Leigh Banks

Leigh Banks, used to watch in the glory days of The King, Bomber and Wee Willie. Cantello and Hope, and later Giles were pretty awesome in the middle also.

Came from Hagley in 1977 and only been back a few times. Got pay tv put on just so i can get up at ungodly hours to watch the blue and white stripes. Live in the western sprawl of Sydney and always open for offers of a drink or three. Cheers!

Andy Price

Baggies all my life. Last lived in Birmingham in 1999, then to London and arrived in Australia (Melbourne)in 2002. Season ticket holder until then. My Dad still sits there in the Brummie Road End and now travels to the home games from Devon (not bad for 73).

This site is truly the second best way to follow the Albion. I thank all those who contribute to it. I read every word of every sentence and for that odd minute I can feel a drop of mild running down my throat stood in any of the pubs in Hockley.

Greetings to Trevor Clarke and Soggy Saunders, 93 Wembley, vintage!

Joann Fildes

I have always supported the Albion and follow them where ever I am and where ever they are! I have lived in Adelaide since 2003 and I am slowly managing to covert my work department and students into following the Albion - i am sure this is part of my educational visa conditions.

Ron Crump

Long-term sufferer whose pain is reduced by not actually having to watch the Baggies very often. Living in Armidale, in northern NSW, and reliant upon Austar (satellite tv) for match viewing and the inevitable BOING mailing list for up-to-date news and moans.

Andrew Falconer

I have been a baggies fan since the last FA cup final win back in the late 60's. I originally hail from Bristol and went to school in Slough, but I did go to Birmingham University (one reason at the time was to watch WBA) from 1970-73 (the Astle / Brown / Wile years and I think they got relegated the year I left). Managed to get to the Hawthorns quite a few times.

I left England in 1973 and have spent most of my time in Australia, apart from 5 years in Africa in the 80's. I have been living near Bunbury in Western Australia for the last ten (married 2 kids etc)and have kept up following West Brom over the years, but especially the last three or four with the internet and increased soccer on TV over here. Only been back to England once in 31 years (back in the 80's when I managed to get in one game at the Hawthorns.

Mick Wilson

I was born in Bethnal Green London and taken to see West Ham when I was seven years old. It was West Bromwich Albion versus west ham I think, or it was just West Ham. I got the names wrong and have been supporting albion ever since. It's been a tough life, first truddging round the UK in my teens and then supporting Albion from New Zealand, USA and Australia in different jobs. I support, in a secondary way, Carlisle and Leyton Orient. I dislike Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Wolves, Aston Villa, and Birmingham in that order.

My favourite players over the years have been Kevan, Hope, Millington, Mulligan, Clive Clark, Bomber Brown, Clive Clark, Cunningham, Statham, Robson (Captain Marvel), Cunningham, Raven, Bob Taylor, Gregan. I like football management games and modifying them, London Transport buses and women.

I am a Industrial Chemist by training and have worked in government research labs, Universities and industry. I am expert in Petroleum Exploration, Coals, Alumina Production, Soil Analysis, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Nanotechnology and some aspects of Forensic science including illicit drugs and condoms.

Clive Tudge

I've been a Baggies fan since 1967 when my first game was WBA v West Ham at the Hawthorns. From then didn't miss many home games and saw many away games until I moved to Germany first in 1974. Been in Australia since 1988 and go back home to Malvern, Worcs every couple of years to visit my son in Worcester who is also an ardent Baggies fan (in fact, worse than me).

My car registration number is WBA 68 (I wonder why?) and I still wait for match day with nerves tingling. My older boy here in Oz has recently been to England and he is now also a 'hooked' Baggies fan (oh, what have I done to him!).

The Brisbane Baggies meet occasionally and if anybody is visiting just let me know.

Lee Duke

43 year old ex British Army Medic, now living on the Gold Coast in Australia. Nicknamed Saggyox = Saggitarian born in the Chinese year of the Ox. Lifelong Baggies fan who enjoyed watching Osbourne, Wile, Kaye, Mulligan, Astle, Bomber Brown, Willie Johnston, Cyrille and Laurie as well as Robbo. Joined up in 1978 and served all over the world so missed out on a lot of Baggies history. Am now over the moon with the internet making it so easy to keep up to date, and planning a visit to UK next year and hopefully atrip to the Brummie Road End to show my 7 year old daughter what it's all about.

Bob Brooks

Been a Baggies fan since 1963 just after moving to Brum. Left in 69 and been in Sydney and now Central Coast. Was at Wembley in 67 when bloody 'Rodney' rang round in second half. Was at League Cup home match versus West Ham year before.

Went with family into Brum when Albion were in open top bus with the FA Cup. Ran all over place -as you do. Son Glenn then 7 now 45 still remembers it vividly! His earliest memory maybe.

Keen supporter of the Socceroos and now of Mariners in A-League. After all football is my religion.

Go the Baggies!

stewart gill

Another exiled Baggie living in Perth, Stew even has his own blog: A Pom Cricketer In Aus.

We particularly like some of the photos...

david o'ryan

Can ya put me on the Australian contact list? I live in Adelaide.

Steve Robbo

Born in Smethwick in 1955 into a family of 11 all of which are mad Baggies fans. I was transported to Sydney Australia without a trial back in 1969. Every time I go HOME I always get me a ticket to watch my beloved baggies play.

I remember being squashed up against the wall as a kid watching Chipper Clark, Hope, Kaye and Astle running around the field. Those were the days... My greatest memory was playing football for my school, St Matthews in Windmill Lane, we played in the same colours as the Baggies, I was only 8 but I walked 10 feet tall when I played in that shirt.. Boing Boing... Steve Robinson.

tony hughes

I live in pemberton south of perth western australia, I'm originally from tipton, first went up the albion when johnny giles came for the first time. Happy days, still got great memories of those days going in the blackcountryman for a few beers first.

jane cooper

Have returned to Australia and so pleased to see you!! We are one Brit and one Aussie, both Baggie fans through and through. We have converted a few Aussies! Managed to see a game or two last season, hopefully there will be success this year!


Hi, Currently residing in Melbourne Australia, I've been a baggie since i can remember, most of my memories are from the 70's through to when I came to OZ october 2007, I was a ballboy for three seasons in the early eighties, Never forget the swansea play off at the Hawthorns best atmosphere in the stands I have ever experienced and then wembley final against Port Vale.

Still keep up to date through the net on how we are doing and regular texts from my brother. Still I miss going to watch - I was still going regular to matches right up until I moved.

mike dowen

I hail from Kingstanding, in Brum. My parents were neighbours in St Stephens rd, Smethwick which adjoins the Hawthorns. I had to go to the game to get out of boring saturdays with the grand parents!

The familly always supported the Albion with my old man watching them in the Ronnie Allen days. I was lucky enough to be a supporter in 68, and a fan Of Jeff, Chipper Clarke and the Bomber. My fave player happens to be Lenny Cantello (Dunno why !), as I had left the Midlands prior to seeing the 3 degrees! I think that era was a magical time Ive heard!

Best goal - Jeff Wembley 68, funny that i never remember hin scoring with anything but his head till then! And the Bombers goal aginst Sheffield..... MINT!

kevin Deeming

My father Ray Deeming, now in his 70s, being an enterprising lad used to park the bicycles back in the 1950s for all the blokes that used to ride their bikes to go see the matches at the Hawthorns and mind 'em for a few pennies each while the match was on, needless to say he'd sneak in after the match had started to watch the game then make sure he was back out before the match finished to get paid for minding the bikes by the grateful owners.

Great to see the Baggies back in the Prem League where they belong, now all we have to do is ensure we stick around there for a while and with the players we have and maybe one or two quality buys we have the talent to do just that!!

Mark Cox

G'day... Love the site and read it every weekend after the match. Luckily we get it here live every week on Foxtel (our version of Sky). It would be great to watch some games with fellow Baggie fans here in Melbourne.

John Burford

Now aged 72, lifelong baggies tragic. Last game I saw live was the 68 cup final. Get up overnight to see every game live on Foxtel. Have lived in Melbourne since arrival. COYB