Worldwide Baggies: Spain

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Paul and Heather

Hi, we're 2 WBA fans from Walsall who are off to work in Spain on the 14th August. Could you possibly put us in your baggies fans abroad section. We will be teaching in Spain for a year, just South of Valencia, and would be interested in meeting other Baggies fans living in Spain and maybe going to see some local games or watching WBA on satellite.

Simon Allen

I?m an Albion fan living in Ponferrada, north-west Spain. Anybody passing through on a Wednesday evening is welcome to play in our internationally flavoured 5-a-side team (we?re called Chelsea due to unfortunate cockney influences, but two more Baggies and the name gets changed!!)

sophia angelides

Hiya, my name is Sophia and I am a Madrid Baggie! Born and bred a Baggie fanatic, I have followed the traditions! I moved to Madrid as a 10 yr old and haven't been able to go to games since, but I'm always being updated with the scores. I am coming over for the biggy - shefffield united - cuz ma hols hav started this weekend. gr8 - c ya ther!!

Michael Niven

Hi Baggies. I've been living down here on the Costa del Sol, Spain, for the past eight years. Anybody passing by on hols or whatever, get in touch for a beer.