Worldwide Baggies: New Zealand

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Tony Mole

Go about as far as you possibly can from the Hawthorns (go on, admit it - you've wanted to more than once!) and you'll find yourself in New Zealand, home of Tony and Claire Mole, who'd love to hear from you.

Cameron Hay

Also down under are Cameron Hay and Simon Bell, avid readers of these pages and proud wearers of the home and away shirts.

Ian Cole

I would love to meet up with other Baggies in Auckland (and if you guys in Hamilton or elsewhere fancy making the the trip...)

I also am desperately seeking a copy of the Pompey game... Get in touch!

Paolo Bibs

All the best for the coming season - I am an exiled Woking fan in New Zealand. I have always had a soft spot for WBA since we played you in the FA Cup all those years ago. Your fans then were f***ing brilliant and I have never forgotten. Hope you do well this year, and good to see you back where you belong. Boing, Boing, Woking Woking, Woking, Boing, Boing!

Matt Hickman

Just a really quick email for you to let others know that there's another Baggies down here in New Zealand. I've been here for a couple of months now and it's good to see the boys doing pretty well (less said about the others the better, though). I'd be good to list me for others to get in touch... a Baggie down here seems to be a rare breed!!

Don Allen

Another Baggies fan in New Zealand ? sad to see the boys did not stay up in the Premiership (managed to catch quite a few games on NZ Sky TV) but ? with a bit of sensible spending they will be back.
C?mon the baggies!

Malcolm Rose

Just to let you know, here on the west coast of North Island, in New Plymouth - city of 55,000 - we have 14 Baggies fans. I've been a fan since I was 8 and lived in New Zealand for the last 24 years. I have returned twice and seen the Baggies as often as I could last season catching them at Arsenal and the Hawthorns. Come on you Baggies!

Peter Hehir

And here?s another fan from New Zealand ? I have supported West Brom since 1954, when I lived briefly in Birmingham. I still play Masters? soccer (as they insist on calling the game down here) for national champions Miramar Rangers? so-called Golden Oldies team in Wellington, the capital. I joined a couple of years ago and discovered the club captain played for Albion?s youth team, or reserves perhaps: name of Ken Paterson. He occasionally turns out for the Golden Oldies, and has been known to enjoy a ciggie during a match (and I don?t just mean at half time). By the way, I managed to buy the number plate WBA 1 for my car for about a hundred quid equivalent ? what price that in the UK?

Danny Edwards

I've been a season ticket holder for last 4 years I recently moved to New Zealand about a month ago to play football for Hamilton Wanderers out here, I'm only 18 still and I hope to make the grade back home when I return in September, I have come out here to get fit, I was supposed to have signed for Bristol Rovers at the start of this season until picking up a bad ankle injury which ruled the move out. My grandad has been a baggies scout for about 7 years now so hopefully he'll be able to get me up the baggies when I return home. Keep it up lads and I'll see ya in the Premiership, Boing Boing. Bring back the liquidator!

Chris Greatholder

I've just moved out to New Zealand and I'm chuffed to bits to see I'm not on my own Baggie wise. I'm in the Hawkes Bay area and I'm just about to start playing in the upcoming NZ Football Championship so I'll be going round the country playing the beautiful game (not so beautifully!).

If any of you go to watch your local 'province' play which I know loads of Brits do down this way, give me a mail and we'll arrange to meet.

Glen Taylor

Any Baggies in Tauranga region? I think I may be the only one. Most Kiwis are unaware of Black Country affairs.

Just moved out here from Stourbridge, sold my season ticket and missed the last 5 games of the season and hence the relegation. Drop me a line if you are in the area.

Kevin Withers

HI there, as an exiled Baggie down here in Christchurch, NZ would be keen to hear from any South Island based Albionites.

Wembley here we come!

Milo Parkin

Hey there, I got asked the other day who was managing Albion and couldn't even remember that one. After 9 years away from home I'm sick of relying on promotion to the Premier League to get any kind of exposure to what's going on so I've decided to register my name on your fine looking site.