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James S H Lim

I've been an ardent fan of West Brom since 1972 during the days of Tony Brown. Gone thru the relegation and promotion years of 1972, 1976 & 1986 before the year of 2002 where after 16 years of wilderness, Gary Megson came along and made all Albion fans including yours truly, a dream come true.

Unfortunately, like all things in life, good or bad they must come to an end. It is now in the hands of our Chairman Jeremy to make the right offer and Manager to replace Megson. Albion with all the quality players this time round, should not be relegated again or we might wander in the wilderness ie back 20 years ago. Think for the past 30 years or so since I supported Albion, only two Managers came to mind that can be considered as successful - Big Ron Atkinson and Gary Megson.

Appreciate if you are able to let me know if there are other West Brom supporters from Singapore who have gone to this website? Quite frustrating that it appears I am the only supporter in my office place where you have several Red Devils and Liverpool fans.