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Roy Tipton

The best place to start looking for Albion fans in America is Roy Tiptons BOING USA page. Roy has just got his page up and running again after changing service provider and aims to add to it in the near future. Visit his page or email him direct.

Roy's just retired and came over to see some Albion action last season - would you believe it, despite planning the trip months in advance he just managed to be here for just the one game against Bradford the day we got promoted! The man's a psychic...

Jim Lee

My name's Jim Lee, I've been a Baggies fan since the halcyon days of Astle, Hartford and Bomber Brown. I now live in a country where they call footie "soccer" and refer to "headballs". It'd be interesting to know of any other Baggie fanatics in or around the Boston area. Help! Nobody understands what I'm talking about!

Charles Allen

Hi, I'm Charles Allen. I've followed the Baggies since the mid 70's & the days of the 3 Degrees. Once introduced to how football should be played there was no looking back. I've been in the States since 1989 & have moved about. I'm now gainfully employed with the Writers Guild in Los Angeles, California. I have been able to catch up with fellow Baggies and some of the games on TV at the Fox & Hounds and the White Harte. I'm still waiting for our 1st WBA USA Supporters club meeting. Feel free to drop me a line. Oh, & COME ON YOU BAGGIES!

David Hay Jones

I've been a loyal supporter of the Baggies since 1968, through thick and - mostly - thin. I've moved around a lot - Norway, Sweden, Greece, Britain. I have now moved from Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee, home to the worst type of music ever to abuse our ears: country effing music.

Anyone who wants to drop me a line is welcome to do so - there's a British pub in town called the Sherlock Holmes which sells Bass (too cold, too expensive) at $5 a pint!

Come on you Baggies!

Chris Abrey

I have been a Baggies fan since the 68 FA cup, being brought up on Atkinsons side in the seventies (Robson is still one of my heroes), when, as a teenager, we used to stand in the Brummie road. I still get to see three or four games a season, while visiting family. Saw Portsmouth and Blues game at beginning of season (2005/2006), and have tickets for Spurs and Villa games this Christmas. Could be torture or heaven, as brother and sister are Villa fans. Come on yow Baggies!!

Julie Sullivan

My name is Julie Sullivan, I have been a baggies fan since I started to go with my dad, Bob Lawton, in 1971, when I was nine. We used to stand at the Smethwick Rd, end. Everything used to take a back seat to the game. My mom used to dread us coming home when we had lost, as we both sulked for the rest of the evening!! (and still do) I drive everybody crazy here at work talking about (real) football. I always wear my shirt when we win, and as a serious runner wear it for long Sunday runs. I moved to Seattle in 1997, I got married this Saturday, March 16th, my husband, an American is already a big fan, I ordered his shirt by mail order. It is good talking to other Brits, a guy from Northampton was here recently and was astounded that I could talk about his team, Kettering Town, I knew their colours etc. - well, Big Ron was their manager once, wasn't he?

James Webster

My Dad took me to see the Albion bring home the FA Cup to Birmingham in 1954. A dyed in the wool Blues fan he then made the mistake 3 years later of taking me to the local derby at St. Andrews. We won 0-6. The year after we won 1-7. I never looked back. Greatest moments in the late sixties, West Ham, Everton and all that. Now form the core of a Baggies supporters group in St. Louis, Missouri. Like to hear from any Mid-West Baggies fans, anytime.

James Wren

Any Baggies fans down South? No, not Sarrrf, but South, as in Pickup trucks and missing teeth! Baggies fan in Knoxville, Tennessee, just sold the second part of my season ticket (sob!) and will be out here for a decent amount of time. Supported the Baggies since 1982 (mostly a painful experience!). Best game would be the Swansea play-off final, with the Palace game last season up there too. Best players - George Riley and Paul Williams... hmm....

Christopher Hicken

Hello... I am a committed baggie of some 30 years living in New York for the past 10. I have flown back for key games (most notably the glorious Palace game) and listen to all games on the web. I was going up to 27th street on Saturday morning to see the Man U game (showed them way too much respect) on my jack, when I had the thought that it would be great to watch the games with fellow Baggies fans, soo, do you know of any other such creatures here in the City, and if so, where the f**k are they? I can't be the only one!

Three Lions Pub & Restaurant

If you ever find yourself in Connecticut feeling lost and alone with no one around to talk Baggies with, call Roy Bannister and Tamara Petroff... or, better yet, stop by The Three Lions Pub and Restaurant in South Glastonbury where you can always get a decent pint and meet new friends. (Glastonbury is near Hartford.) Roy is from England and a lifelong Baggies fan (although he?s from Maidenhead in the south... he just has good taste in teams!) and Tamara is his American wife who is a recent convert to fandom and they?d love to have any Albion folk stop in the pub! Drop them a line if you're planning to visit the pub so they can be sure to be there to greet you.

gareth nicholson

Hi my name is Gareth, been a baggies fan since I was three when my Dad dressed me in a baggies shirt and took me to the games. I was a season ticket holder for 10 years while in England. I now live in Los Angles California. If any baggies supporters ever come out to L.A I'd like to hear from them maybe goto the pub and down a couple while watching one of the games live. If you can get up for the live 7.30 kick offs. Anyway, Up the BAGGIES.... BOING BOING.. Oh I need any tickets anyone has for any games home or away betwen the 19th Dec to 3rd Jan as I'll be back in UK visiting Mum....


I'm living in LA now and am chuffed we are back in the big time, any Baggies fans in LA?

Terry Whitehouse

As I was born on 13 May, I will be happy to be the 13th registered Baggie in the USA!

Hail from Dudley (Netherton, actually - home of the Astle canal bridge!). Old enough to be weaned on post 54 Cup winners - Sanders, ???, Millard, Dudley, Dugdale, Barlow, Griffin, ???, Allen, ???, Lee. One of the 55,000 at home to Arsenal under the old "Johnnie Walker" stand. Trying for some shelter under the old scoreboard - but so wet that the navy ran into the white of my rosette! No ticket for Anfield in 68 Cup. Waited till they rolled up the exit gates in last 20 minutes and nudged my way into the Kop. Didn't say a word and no expression - just had a smug grin in my mind....

Been in San Francisco Bay Area since 1981. Visits to the Black Country have usually been out of season so very little chance to see "me babbies". Last time was sitting(!) in the Halfords Lane stand in 1998(?) when we beat Blues to the chant of ?We only need one goal!? Have made 3 posts to Sports Argus Baggies site and 1 to BBCi 606 Albion board as ?Norcal Baggie? since October 2003.

Carl Roberts

Started watching when I was 6 and now make sure my kids all follow Albion (all 4 of them). I currently work in San Diego, California and my mates keep my season ticket seat warm in the Brummie Road.

Great to see the team survive the last day of the Prem. I was there in spirit, following it on BBC website etc.

Simon Gray

Albion fan since I was 8. Living in the California Sierras and working in Sacramento. Both of my children have been brainwashed to the cause and I'm currently working on the neighbours!

Mike Richards

I'm a third generation Baggy fan. My grandfather used to watch the 1890s team at Stoney Lane. The fans stood on a bank surrounding the pitch in those days and would turn round at half time to give their feet a rest. Dad took me to my first match in September 1954 to see the side that had almost pulled off the double in the prior season. Lived in Smethwick as a boy and remember all the greats of the late 50s and the 60s. Sometimes I had bell-ringing duty for weddings at St. Paul's church on Saturdays and after collecting my 2/6d would run all the way to the Hawthorns to get in at half-time.

Moved to the States in 1973 but have managed to visit home fairly frequently in the last ten years, now that my kids are all grown. Last match attended: W.B.A. 2 Man. City 0, on December 10th 2005. I took Dad who has been 'going up the Baggies' since 1935 and who turned 86 the next day.

Martin Green

Martin Green tells us that he's known on air in the USA as the much more interestingly named Doc Henley Smythe. In a blatant piece of self-promotion he even asks readers to check out his web page at - as if we'd consider such a request. Oh, we did.

Ed Vilade

I'm a Baggies fan by birth, since my grandfather, Tommy Magee, played for WBA in the '20s and '30s and was a member of the FA Cup-winning side in '31. I follow their fortunes as best I can from the U.S., and periodically visit family in West Brom, but never managed to take in a match until recently.

The Baggies ripped QPR 5-1, and I truly felt the spirit of Wee Tummy, as granddad was called, on the pitch. My wife and I were treated royally by such as John Homer and Simon and Glynis Wright, and thank them very much for their hospitality and excellent company. We can't wait to get back over for another outing.

kevin gilbert

Much prefer the "unofficial site," it has much more character and local flavour than the corporate one. Keep up the good work. I'm a life-long Baggies fan and went up there from the age of 6. I went to George Salter High School in west brom, but have lived in Pasadena, California for the past 23 years. I visit once or twice a year and always try to get my old man up to the Hawthorns (hes a Baggies fan from since time began) We were lucky enough to watch the thrashing of Bristol City in december.

I'm soooo happy and proud we won the Championship, especially after I was at Wembley last year for the disappointing loss to Derby. It's a life of ups and downs with West Brom, but I still tell everyone, we have the best fans on the face of the planet.

Mike Parr

I'm in Denver and a great Baggies' fan. I grew up in Oldbury, moved to Sussex when I was 8. Moved to America in 1993. Have supported the Baggies all these last 61 years. I go to a game whenever I am nearby. Have also seen them in Vancouver, Canada.

Dean wilkinson

Born and bred in West Bromwich and moved to California in 1989 (Upland). Went to George Salter High School and used to work at the Conex Sanbra. Are there any other Baggie fans in the area?

Phil Ryder

Born in Kiddy and have supported WBA since 1954, when I went next door to watch the cup final on the Telly (not everyone had one then).

Two best memories: watching (1967) Albion 8 Burnley 1 (I still have newspaper match reports & the programme) and (1968) Albion 6 Man U 3 (and that was the 'great' team with Law, Best, Charlton etc.).

Moved to Folsom CA in 2003 and follow the team avidly and obsessively via Albion Player, Fox Soccer TV/online & the Premier League iPhone app.

Get in touch, and if you're ever in the Folsom/Sacramento area, drop by for a cup of PG Tips!


Greetings! I am a Baggies fan just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe I am the only one around here.

David Ringler

Cheers from Michigan, USA. I'm hoping to find other Baggies in the Midwest or Michigan. Join us at SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids for EPL games each week!

Richard Gray

I live in Evansville Indiana, which is about 2.5 hours North of Nashville TN and 3 hours South of Indianapolis IN. Been in the US since Feb. 2004 and lived in IN for 5 years.

Been a supporter since my Granddad took me to my first game when I was 5 and never looked back. I'm thinking I'm one of the few that are excited about Alan Irvine's appointment!

Kevin Billings

I've been a Baggies fan for about 5 years since one of my clients took me to the Hawthorns and got me hooked. Will catch a many games as possible at Lucky Bar on Connecticut Avenue, NW in DC. They will alway put the Baggies on one of the screens when I ask.