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Anthony Pick

My name's Anthony Pick and I've moved over to the Netherlands to live with my Dutch girlfriend. I've always followed "The Baggies" home and away, and despite being on the wrong side of the Channel, last year I made it back for ten games or so. I'm determined to go to as many games as is now possible, and I'm already working on my new Dutch friends to get them to come over as well. I would be very interested to know if there are any other Albion fans in Holland, especially any that travel to games?? This season I've already been back for the Burnley game and I'm currently arranging a trip to see the Dingles and Barnsley games. I'm currently living in Alphen a/d Ryn which is between the big cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, so if you know of any please let me know.

Paul Bird

Seeing as there's now a Dutch section, you'd better add me as well!

Phil Rogers

Seeing there is a Dutch connection i would like to be listed. I was born and brought up in Walsall, my dad is from West Brom and married my mom who is from Walsall. I have followed Albion since I was about 5 years old and love the club. I think I have the only house in Holland called the Hawthorns! I have been living in Holland for 23 years but my heart and soul is at the Hawthorns. Keep up the the good work lads, I am sure you can turn the results around. Best wishes to all Albion fans all over the world.

Tim Charles

I'm not a big Albion game visitor, but I have Albion blood running through my veins. Living over here in the Netherlands since the early Seventies, but never missing the news about the Baggies via Internet, the Sunday papers (which are gone in a jiffy), television and radio broadcasts. I'm in the process of putting up my own Dutch Baggies Web Site at the moment, which I will be writing in Dutch to try and pull in some Dutchmen to support Albion. I'll try to get to the West Ham game, so if you see a Dutch flag then it will more than likely be me.

Duco van der Veen

Boing Boing! I have come back to The Netherlands last year after living in Bearwood and I'm still looking for a good pub in the Den Bosch area to watch the matches. Any tips?

Jos Sligter

I'm a big West Brom supporter from Holland. I try to come over once a year to see my beloved club playing, but often when I want to see them I must watch Match of the Day on the BBC or I must hope that a WBA match is on Canal+, that's a pay-channel over here in Holland. It would be nice to hear from other Baggies over here in Holland.