Black and white stripes? Us?

09 April 2008

We know that plenty of people spotted the ballsup in the official programme at Wembley where readers were told that Albion traditionally played in black and white stripes rather than navy blue and white. They're not the first to make it, either. Anyway, BOING reader Alex Chapman decided to point out the error to them - tactfully, of course...

"Dear Sirs,

The researcher who carried out the work on behalf of the FA for the above mentioned programme should do his/her homework; page 66 on the so-called illustrious programme states WBA play in black and white striped shirts, come on FA clean your glasses, we play in Navy blue and white."

...and was told...

"Dear Alex,

Thank you for contacting The Football Association.

After bringing this to the attention of the editorial team I have been advised that there was a genuine oversight that was initially missed and once discovered, was too late for the change to be made in the match day programme.

I can assure you that in no part was this intended to cause offence to anyone connected with West Bromwich Albion FC and I can only apologise for this error."

So now you know! More cutting-edge investigative journalism coming soon. Probably.

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