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07 April 2008

Good old TV has complicated our plans for our END OF SEASON DINNER. Because our digital friends have decided to televise the Southampton game, which has now been switched to Monday 28th April, we have had to move our dinner. The new date, which has been agreed with Tony Mowbray is Friday evening 25th April. Tony and the squad have graciously agreed to come along.

Obviously we would like to apologise for this change, and we do so - to a certain extent - perhaps our broadcasting pals should do the same. It is a great shame, particularly as we had fans travelling from Ireland and Scotland. This change has probably ruined their plans.

Therefore, for those who have already booked and now cannot attend a full re-fund can be obtained. For further details on the dinner and the change of date, ring Alan Cleverley on 0121 551 6439.

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