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20 November 2007

We don't normally take too much notice of opposition fans having a pop of us, especially those from a certain "city" whose name begins with W - but now and again we get a letter that's worth a second look. Following the hammering we dished out at the Ricoh Arena last week, we received the following:

I was always very amused with the cheerful attitude and good natured behaviour of the vast majority of WBA fans. The "boing boing" nature of your club over the past few years must have been driving you all mad. As a Sky Blues fan, I was disappointed with the chants from your fans at the Ricoh which were a disgrace. Cov City are in trouble.... big trouble, and we don't need reminding of that fact, the chant about our ground being "too big" was a real "below the belt" cheap shot.

You may not know that Coventry is a CITY, with around 400,000 people, not including Bedworth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Kenilworth, Leamington etc; Our catchment area has over 800,000 people in Warwickshire, so please don't come over here making stupid chants. After all, West Bromwich is only half the size of Cov, as are Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn, Middlesboro and Sunderland to name a few. If you look at the Government sensus, Coventry is one of the TOP 10 biggest cities in England in terms of population. The Ricoh isn't too big, but the under achievements of the Sky Blues have been our downfall. Don't forget all those years we were in Div 1 and Prem when you guys weren't.

I don't remember gloating then....why do you do it now???? Leave it to the mindless Villa fans to do that, real football clubs and fans don't need to.

Please put this letter on your site for comment, I would like to hear from you.


Well, yes Pete - we did realise that Coventry is a city. I think it was the name "Coventry City" that sort of gave it away. Anyway, over to you, readers...

Ok. We wont take the mickey at a game if you don't continually boo one of our players who was assaulted and could have been seriously injured by an idiot posing as a footballer. Also, if you have such a big catchment area, why has your support always been rubbish? And yes I do remember you having a laugh at us on those rare occasions that we played you in the bad old days. Keep your own house in order financially, like we have, and don't build a ground that realistically you were never going to fill and wouldn't have done even during your salad days in the premiership. Behave like a club with no history aside from one recent FA cup win and numerous last day relegation escapes. Learn your place in the hierarchy, you over achieved for so long and now you are at your natural level. Accept your lot and act with humility and then yes, we may not laugh at how the mighty have fallen.

 - Brian

Hmmm. Let's examine attendances at Highfield Road - capacity 23,633 when it closed. Their biggest game of the season is usually the Villa, which always seems to amuse Villa fans...

Coventry-Villa games of the recent past ...

  • '96 - 21,340
  • '98 - 22,792
  • '98 - 22,654
  • '99 - 20,184
  • '00 - 21,464

Conclusive evidence there then that such a huge catchment area for this utopian metropolis served them well during all those years in the Prem.

Always had a soft spot for Snoz mind you...

 - Bruno

Was it '84 or '85 season when we scored a total of 24 goals in four games against the Sky Blues?

 - Chas of LSpa

That's a slight exaggeration... But they're a team we love to beat, and often by a lot. Our record so far in all competitions is P59 W29 D15 L15, and that includes a 7-1 win, two 6-1 wins, a 5-0 and a 5-1. Since 2000 we've put 15 past them and they've scored just once against us. ]

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