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31 October 2007

Following a few mentions of the drummer "incident" in the Smethwick End on Saturday, we received a reply from Andy, the drummer himself:

Your story was almost correct about Saturdays goings on in the SME. I am the drummer and i drum at the games with the full backing of the club who in fact own the drum and are proactively trying to do something about the noise levels during matches and make it into a more intimidating place for opposition players.

The atmosphere has been better slightly better this season and the drum has been part of that.

What we want is the Halfords, Brummie and East Stand to get involved and help us Smethwick Enders out a little because it seems we are doing the vast majority of the vocal work.

The scenes on Saturday showed we have a lot of support for what we are trying to do and i fully thank the masses who are showing their support on the message boards and the very own "West Bromwich Albion Drum Appreciation Society" on facebook.com.

We live in an age where these "percussion instruments" are generally a part of going to watch football at many stadia across the world. People rave about Portsmouths atmosphere equipped with bell ringe and drummer, i dont hear many people shouthing about The Hawthorns these days and that is a shame.

Arsenal and Spurs both have drummers at there grounds too, the list could go on!!!

I believe we will achieve our goal of getting The Hawthorns rocking again which is in the best interests of the football club.

You have your own opinion and i won't knock you for that. I thought it was important you heard mine.

Going back to Saturday, i was ill and handed the sticks over to a mate of mine. With hindsight it probably wasn't the best thing to do but never mind, i shall be back drumming again soon i'm sure and please show your support by joining in with our chants.

Thanks for reading

All the best.

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