Sacked in the Morning VI

21 November 2012

Well, sacked a few mornings later, technically, but nonetheless a defeat by Albion has helped to lose another manager his job. Ok, so perhaps Chelsea's 3-0 defeat by Juventus last night was a contributing factor, and they are a club that thinks that "long term view" means "sometime after lunch" - but even so, the dismissal of Roberto di Matteo just six months after giving him the job full time following their Champion's League success seems incredibly harsh. Even more so when you consider the flying start they made to this season.

You could argue that Roberto seemed to be repeating his time here by getting on a losing run and seeming unable to do anything to turn matters around, but even so it still seems a harsh decision. They are apparently sounding out Raffa Benitez to replace him. Ho hum.

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