We don't play in black and white!

20 October 2008

It's bad enough being told in the FA Cup semi-final programme that your team play in black and white without hearing it on BBC Radio all the time as well. Terry Wills recently rang into Five Live and corrected Alan Green on the subject of Albion's home strip, but word clearly hasn't reached some of his colleagues yet. Step forward Chris Whyatt of BBC Sport, whose match report from Saturday's game tells everyone:

"West Brom, however, made a disciplined start... Their industrious five-man midfield formed a black-and-white barrier with the Old Trafford crowd quiet but United had the ball in the net after 21 minutes"

Come on, media types - we've only been playing in navy blue and white for a century or so. Try and keep up.

 - Spotted by Stan Drew

Update, Tuesday 21st

Victory! The article has now been amended to read "navy and white". We'd probably have settled for blue and white but this is even better.

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