Season ticket prices reduced again!

28 February 2008

Well... sort of; it's more like an early renewal discount, actually. But if you buy your season ticket this side of 30 April (i.e. before the season has ended and possibly before we know what division we'll be in next year) you get an average of 11% off this years prices, bringing the cheapest adult season ticket down to ?299.

After April 30th it gets a bit more complicated. If we fail to get promotion, the prices revert to this season's levels, i.e. that ?299 for tickets at either end of the ground rises to ?349. The Club have yet to say what will happen if we DO get promoted.

Nonetheless, the prices represent a big saving for those who would renew anyway, although it means paying out a couple of months earlier than usual. Full details on the Official Web Site.

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