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Yours for a tenner if you're quick (UK rates only)

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Because of our Post Office stuffing up more than usual and as a final reminder to would-be subscribers about the early-Throstle discount, the deadline is now extended until June 7th. At a time when Albion have raised their prices by 33%, it's good to know the Dick costs less by post than twelve months ago.

Yours for a tenner if you?re quick (UK rates only)

Our final organ for the season has now hit the streets, so this is an awfully appropriate moment to spell out the joys of a Dick subscription for next season. But first, huge thanks to everyone who's supported us throughout this season. It makes a huge difference and without it there would be no Albion fanzine.

The absence of an Early Throstle discount last season was intended to simplify subscriptions but sadly without that incentive, many of you just forgot. So by popular request it's back and so is the Questionnaire (yes, there were a few requests for that as well!). The questions are deliberately brief so won't be too much of a burden.

In terms of numbers of Dicks, it's "as you were" with 9 standard 48 page sized scheduled at roughly monthly intervals (fixtures permitting) throughout the new season. As usual, the aim is to ensure that subscribers will get their copies before general sale in a suitably anonymous envelope, all carefully bearing a "Cardiff" postmark.

If you get payment and a completed questionnaire back to our extremely mean treasurer Steve by June 7th 2004, then the cost for a whole season is equivalent to one very low key Baggies friendly - just ?10 (UK), ?13 (Europe) or ?17 (Rest of the World). Cheques should be made payable to Grorty Dick. From June 8th then, the rates are ?11.25 (UK), ?14.50 (Europe) or ?18.30 (Rest of the World).

We're continuing our support for the Dovedale Day Care Hospital into next season. This centre did so much for King Jeff in his final months that Laraine Astle cannot speak highly enough of them. While that chequebook is primed for action, if you'd like to add on a donation, it would be so well received.

We'd suggest simply printing out this entire page, filling it in and sending it by post with your cheque:

To: Steve the Miser, Grorty Dick Fanzine, 32 Coles Lane, Hill Top, West Bromwich, Staffs, B71 2QJ

I'm up for subscribing for another season of your chunky organ. Payment is attached (make your cheque payable to "Grorty Dick", remember)




Sum up Albion?s season in one sentence


What would you like to see more of in the Dick next season?


And similarly, less of...


Describe the moment when you first thought "it's Albion 'til I die"


Our club intend to launch new home and away kits every season. Does this decision mean you are more or less likely to buy a shirt every season or doesn't it make any difference?


Do you have any matchday superstitions to share with us?


Next season, we're hoping to focus on the difficulties some supporters faced just to get to a single game (transport breakdowns, inclement weather, self-discharge from hospital, etc). Tell us about the greatest difficulties you overcome to get to a match. Continue on a separate page if you have to?!




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