Sir Bobby Robson RIP

Sad news of the death of an Albion great

It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Sir Bobby Robson on Friday morning. After a long and courageous battle with cancer, he passed away peacefully at home at the age of 76, ending one of the most distinguished and colourful careers that football has ever seen.

It's an often used cliche that "he needs no introduction" - but it's hard to imagine anyone in the game for whom that phrase could be more fitting. But what can we say about the man that hasn't been said already? It's a shame that many of Albion's current generations of supporters never saw him turn out in the Stripes, because judging by the memories of those that did he was just as much a legend on the pitch as he was in his subsequent career as a manager. Certainly, he was one of football's greatest gentlemen, and in sharp contrast to the noncomittal mumblings or petty moaning that's so common from players these days, he always made time for the people that mattered - us, the supporters.

RIP Bobby, you'll be sorely missed.


For me personally this is a very sad day. I feel i knew him as friend and not just as one of the Baggies best and most popular players. My memories of our time when he managed the 'Albion Nomads' team, meeting up with him many years later, and possessing a great happy photograph with him at our Hawthorns reunion in 2002 will be an everlasting unforgettable memory. Rest in Peace Bobby from every Albion supporter.

In sorrow,

 - Terry Wills

A sad day. I never met him but interviewed him over the phone twice. Both times he spoke with such enthusiasm about football and, especially, his time at Albion.

 - Chris Lepkowski

My first memories of Mr Robson were of the way he handled his team after that semi final defeat to Germany, especially with Gascoigne and his tears. Showed great passion and a will to win in every job he had and when things didn't go well he wasn't the kind of person to blame it on individuals but kept the team ethic throughout and it is a shame that as his condition has become poorer over the years with the illness, it has been mirrored by the condition of his beloved Newcastle United - though those that have seen the pictures from Sunday will surely agree he is in a better place now.

May he rest in peace.

 - Gav Thomson

Bobby Robson was one of my Dad's favourite Albion players (after Ronnie Allen). I picked 11 Albion legends for my wedding earlier this year. 11 tables named after Albion legends with a picture on each table & some detail about that player. Bobby Robson was one of those 11.

RIP Sir Bobby.

 - David Neale

I had the pleasure of taking him from the changing rooms upto the press room for an after match press conference in his Newcastle days. I told him I was an Albion fan and that my Dad always talked about him being a great player.

There was no sign of a bumbling old fool that he was played out to be, within a flash, he started recalling players names (without hesitation), a few scorelines and obviously a few tales, he did though keep the press waiting whilst he spoke to me, he took out a pen and wrote a quick note to my Dad.

I apologised for making him late (although it wasnt my fault) and he just looked at me and said 'dont be daft son' and smiled followed by 'you follow a great team'.

Quality bloke!!!

 - Nick Bramwell

I have spent the day flicking between talksport and fivelive and the story Nick tells his so common through Sir Bobby's life. A true true gent.

One guy called to say how he had thanked Sir Bobby for an autograph. Bobby replied "No sir, thank you for taking the time and asking for my autograph"

I recall after our game against Sir Bobby's Newcastle side at The Hawthorns he was outside the players entrance, after the game, signing autographs for young and old for, at least, an hour. He told everyone there "There is no need to panic. I will sign an autograph for everyone before I leave" and he did!!

RIP Sir Bobby. The first game is going to be a special occasion!!

 - John Dunn

This wonderful man fought cancer for 17 (yes seventeen!) years and as a mild afterthought to his football career got involved with communities and charities wherever he went in the world and, even more importantly, stayed in touch with the volunteers.

In the shape he was latterly in, you might have forgiven him for being a tad selfish just for once but a fortnight ago he was in Portugal for an annual golf tournament he organised when he was there for local orphans.

He added his cancer campaign to it latterly as a co-sharer of anything raised which I think we can all understand.

As others have posted all day, rest in peace Bobby.

 - Smethwick Batman

Having watched the tribute on BBC1 last night (which I think was a re run of a programme / documentary done by Lineaker about 6 yrs ago), I noticed in his office there was a Baggies pendant!

Nice to hear older Baggies reminiscences of Bobby at Albion and also to see some great pictures of him in the national press in Albion gear. Although there is a heavy North East slant on any articles, it's fitting his importance and relationship to other clubs and areas has been recognised.

On a personal note, I went to the Ipswich pre season last year and sought out his statue. I found this moving at a time when the state of his poor health was out in the public domain. When recognising the size of Ipswich and the club, it is incredible to think of the success he was involved in.

 - Matt

Used to go up the Spring Road training ground regularly during my school holidays and watch Bobby Robson and the team. Then wait after to meet boyhood hero's and get autographs. As a young lad I remember Bobby being an eloquent footballer and quiet and well mannered man. I loved to hear him talk with his endless passion for the 'Beautiful Game'.

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