Receiving Swedish Channel TV4 in the UK

How to pick up the occasional WBA game via Swedish TV !

October 2003

Thanks to Daniel Baker for pointing out that TV4 is now being broadcast by the Thor 2 satellite at 1 degree West, and at 11.389 GHz, horizontally polarised. Details of all satellite frequencies and the like can be found at the LyngSat Web Site, an acknowledged authority on the subject. The transmission is still in clear analogue PAL so old equipment should still work provided it can handle the higher frequency bands.

Oh, and you can ignore the comments below about the Rainbow Stand now!

December 2000

Satellite TV viewers with a willingness to experiment will find that they can often watch Nationwide League games here in the UK by tuning into Swedish channel TV4 - and the broadcasts have sometimes featured our own West Bromwich Albion.

Mark Mansell, living near Great Yarmouth, tells me that he pointed his dish towards the Sirius satellite at 5 degrees East, tuned his receiver to 11.938?GHz (vertically polarised) and over the last few weeks has enjoyed Fulham v West Brom, Wimbledon v Bolton and Birmingham vs QPR, all live - and will enjoy our game at Bolton along with many more.

The only possible snags are that the signal will get weaker as you come further across the country from the East coast, and that some older receivers cannot handle frequencies that high. Being a terrestrial channel, TV4 is not encoded on the satellite transmission and no complicated foreign cards are needed - just the ability to figure out what's going on from the Swedish commentary.

TV4 schedule information is on their web site: (but it's in Swedish!)

Given that we're now getting crowds of 20,000 for home games and that the imminent destruction of the Rainbow stand will reduce the ground capacity to 19,000, this might be your only chance to watch the rest of our promotion push...

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