Memoirs of a Scouse Baggie

Born and bred in Liverpool but a diehard Baggie? How come, Sarah?

Sarah and her Boing Boing Baggies V The Rest Of The World

Get in there! Ave it!! Whoo hoo!! Come on you baggies!!! Oh yes!!! Oh yes yeeeees!!! Come on al-bi-on!!! This is something you most likely wouldn?t expect to hear in a back garden in Liverpool on the final day of the premiership season. You definitely most likely wouldn?t expect a Liverpudlian born and bred in the middle of Liverpool to even think about saying something like that! An albion fan born and bred in liverpool! Get out of it! You?re having a laugh!

Well no actually, I?m not having a laugh. I?m from Liverpool, always lived in Liverpool, got the trademark Scouse accent etc but I still support west brom. And yes you did read that correctly! Let me explain. I begun to support the Baggies in around say August 2004. The start of the 2004-2005 season. I followed them just like a Brummie would or someone from the Black Country would. The reason ? my mate supported them so I wanted to help him along a little bit by giving extra support. What I didn?t know though was the saying ?once you start supporting a team you?re gonna be stuck with ?em!? Now with me this saying rang true.

I don?t know when exactly I became a proper Albion supporter. I just know it started off as nothing just another team to look out for and then, I don?t know how to put it, I guess you could say I turned into a Brummie! I?ve got loads of memories of being an Albion fan since the start of the season. I remember back in November/December they were playng terrible and not getting results and someone said to me ?I think you?ve hit a bum stare with this West Brom?. Then I remember when I went to my local, the rocket, and Everton were playing West Brom live on sky. It was on in the rocket. And do you know what happened West Brom scored! And do you know what I did? I shouted YIS all over the pub. All the Evertonians were looking around. They must of thought I said it coz it was a better result for Liverpool.

That wasn?t the case though. The one and only reason was because it was a great result for the baggies faithful. The one and only reason! And another thing I remember now we?re on the subject of Liverpool. I?ll tell you something that will really surprise you. I remember when Everton were playing I think, Crystal Palace, and I remember that if Everton won it meant it would be better for West Brom and I wanted Everton to win!. A Liverpool supporter! Wanting Everton to win! And if they win they?ve got more chance of fourth place then Liverpool! That would never happen! Not in a million years! Well it hasn?t been a million years and it?s already happened! I was actually cheering on Everton! Well it was for West Brom?s sake. Nothing else.

I remember at Christmas when I got a West Brom Flag off my mate Jason. It was the best Christmas present I got. Even better then a digital camera, and that was pretty special! I remember when I got my first Baggies replica shirt. Now that?s definitely the best thing I?ve ever bought. I remember when I was in Sainsbury?s on Prescot Road, this wasn?t long ago actually, and I had my West Brom shirt on. The man from behind the counter shouted me over he said ?is that a West Brom shirt! Throstle and everything! I?m from Smethwick, I?ve supported West Brom since I was about ten! This is the first time I?ve ever come across someone in a West Brom shirt in sainsburys! First time ever! Keep it up!? Now I think that?s what did it for me. From that moment on I?ve never looked back. That?s when I knew I was a real Baggie. I can?t describe the feeling I got when I walked over to the pub in my West Brom shirt for the first time. I felt pride in the shirt. You should see some of the looks I get when I go out in it. I remember once this kid ran back to check what shirt I had on. He probably still doesn?t know what shirt it was. And if he does he will probably wonder why.

I remember when I was watching the Baggies play Man United away at old Trafford live on sky in the rocket. I had my Baggies shirt on. And my dad told me not to take my coat off in case someone gives me stick over supporting West Brom. I couldn?t beleve he said it. I don?t give one what anyone thinks about me being an Albion fan. What he did he think I was ashamed of it or something. I?d run home crying like a baby if anyone uttered a bad word to me. Well I?ll tell you something I would of quite liked to of had some stick. Bring it on is what I say! Game on even! I love it when people notice my shirt. They can say and think what they like, what do I care. I?ll say it once and I?ll say it again if I have to, I?ll even shout it if you asked me to I?m a Baggie fan and damn proud of it! I don?t think anyone realises how much of an Albion fan I am. More then what anyone thinks. The times I?ve been in nerve-agony waiting for results for the baggies over the passed season. I don?t have any nails left the way I?ve been biting them! And all for the Baggies faithful. I know there will be hard times being an Albion fan. I know they?ll have ups and downs and I know they?re only a small club. I know all this but it doesn?t alter my mind one bit. You might call me a traitor or whatever but I honestly don?t care ? couldn?t give a monkeys bum, not one! I?ve been on a long ride with the boing boing baggies and I?m not about to give up now! I?m telling you this is the start of something.

Hopefully this time next season I?ll have reported on my first match at The Hawthorns. I bloody hope so anyway! I?ll go there myself if I have to! I?ve got to say though the team that I?ve honestly enjoyed watching the most in 2005 is the Baggies. The times I?ve been so depressed things weren?t going there way, the times I?ve let the whole of the street know how much I love the Albion, The times I?ve had to hide my disappointment at a bad result for the Baggies, especially when they got tonked by Birmingham, I think it was something like 4-0. Why did I have to hide it ? well that?s a different story. I could run for miles now, I?m so happy. I?m so happy to be part of the best club in the midlands maybe even one of the best in England. I know they don?t always get the results but they?re improving everyday. I wont regret this one bit ? ever. The baggies have give me something. Something I can?t describe. It?s great you knooow! See I?m even talking like a Brummie now!

I?m ready to take on anything. Me and the Baggies. Sarah and her Boing Boing Baggies V The Rest Of The World. Yeah that sounds about right. After all that?s how it?s been all year! Bring it on!


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