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27 March 2010: Catching up with the BOING postbag

It's been a busy few weeks at BOING towers, not to mention having two Albion games a week to deal with for what seems like months and months in a row (and it probably has been). So apologies to anyone that's written in lately and hasn't had an answer (unless you're one of the regular junk senders, of course) and here goes with a catchup...

Jenny Hall sent us a photo she'd found from an old edition of the Birmingham Post & Mail - from 9th April 1968, just over a month before our last FA Cup Final victory at Wembley. She's the one smiling in the top left corner with the Shirley Temple hairdo!

Does anybody else recognise themselves? Must admit, we thought everyone wore flat caps to games back then - but we can only spot three, and we're not convinced about the third one...

For those who might still be worrying about Forest pipping us to an automatic promotion spot, Steve Fereday has some reassurance:

"I think we can rest easy lads. I read Belly Davies account of the Barnsley game on the BBC website and he has thrown the towel in. Thanks Belly. And also thanks for clearing up who ate all the pies."

Ouch. A slightly more analytical view came from Jim Hardy:

"At seasons end:

2001-02 - 89 points with 11 losses
2003-04 - 86 points with 10 losses
2006-07 - 76 points with 14 losses (losing to Derby in playoff final)
2007-08 - 81 points with 11 losses

Projected points total this season? 85 if we maintain the same form which is 19 from 11 games out of a possible 33. Personally I think we need to aim for 90 points, still possible."

Since Steve and Jim wrote, we've moved to nine points ahead of Forest. Dave Watkin, in his report on the Reading game, noted that

"We have 79 points, equal to our promotion campaign of 2003-04, when we were also in 2nd place at this stage, behind Norwich City on goal difference. In 2007-08 we had only 67 points and trailed in 4th, but with a game in hand over those above. In 2001-02, we were 3rd with 73 points, five points behind, but gaining, on 2nd placed Wolves.

On the subject of old pictures, Jim Rodda asks

"I have the splendid 1931 cupwinners photo (team and followers on the train buffers) as my screen saver. Could anyone identify the players, manager and chairman? I think I have spotted 10 players but perhaps the manager is a player/manager? Fits in with our usual economies..."

Now we're pretty sure this was from before the days we had a Manager as such, and Fred Everiss was effectively doing the Manager's job as well as being Club Secretary. As for the players, we're (relative) youngsters and it's long before our time - and probably that of most Albion supporters! Anyone with some old books or newspaper clippings fancy doing a bit of detective work? Somewhere, I'm sure we've got a larger version of the image knocking about, but it hasn't turned up yet. We'll keep looking.


Paul Collins told us that these guys were his dads heroes (he was 14 when they won the Cup) - the photo isn't his screensaver but it is hanging framed directly over the computer. Back row, from the right: Teddy Sandford, W.G Richardson, Joe Carter, Fred Everiss (barely visible, Secretary/Manager), Harold Pearson (gk), George Shaw, James (Iron) Edwards. Front row, from the right: Stan Wood, Herbert Trentham, Tommy Glidden (Capt), Bill Bassett (Chairman, standing between Pearson and Glidden). Right at the front, foot on tender, is William Richardson.

Dave Lane emailed us with a press release concerning a new book being put together:

Calling all proud Baggies!

Following the success of the 'Albion 'Til I Die' book in 2006, the Albion Foundation, in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and Legends Publishing, are producing a sequel - and they need YOUR help.

They want supporters to come forward who are 'Albion 'Til They Die', know the feelings of excitement, exhilaration and elation that being a Baggie can evoke - not to mention despair, desperation and disappointment!

The Albion Foundation want to hear from all fans who have a story to tell about why they became an Albion follower and the lengths they have gone to to support their beloved Baggies.

Maybe you've had to choose between the stars in stripes and somebody's wedding? Do the Albion always come first in your life? Have you got any pre-match rituals you always follow? How did they come about?

Allison Tripney, the Albion Foundation's education & learning manager, said:

"It's amazing the stories you hear about life as an Albion fan, stories that make you laugh, make you think and some you can even shed a tear to. 'Albion 'Til I Die 2' is the perfect opportunity to get those stories out and about. This is a tremendous opportunity for all supporters to get involved in the printed history of West Bromwich Albion Football Club."

E-mail your stories to or post them to: 18 Darby Crescent, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5LA. Visit for further inspiration, and keep checking for further opportunities to get involved. For further information, contact Jennie Cook on 0871 271 9840.

Peter Grimley asks:

"Have you noticed how often Albion kick towards the Smethwick end in the 1st half? I can only remember them kicking the other way once this season."

Given that both teams have a 50:50 chance of winning the toss and choosing which way to play, I can only assume that it must suit both teams to stay as they are. It means that both sides are playing towards the majority of their own fans in the second, and arguably more crucial, half of the game. Unless anyone knows a better reason?

Finally - Ian Pritchard is one of many who are wondering about the theme will be for the traditional fancy dress away match - and where it will be? Normally it's the last away match, but as that's Palace away and it's been moved to Monday night, will it be Doncaster away instead? We've yet to hear any rumours, so let us know if you hear anything.

All for now!

 - Finbarr

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