Disabled Access to The Hawthorns

West Bromwich Albion has a branch of the Supporters Club especially for disabled supporters, and they now have their own website at www.wba-dsc.co.uk giving full details. The following is just a brief summary of the facilities provided, and is slightly out of date as the number of spaces available has increased significantly thanks to the new East Stand being opened with easy disabled access and a good viewing position roughly half way back.

The club has made quite an effort to make sure that disabled fans can enjoy the games as much as everyone else. The front row of seats in each of the stands at the two ends of the ground (the traditional home and away ends) are reserved for wheelchairs to be parked in front, and ramp access is provided to these stands through a separate entrance from Halfords Lane (which is exclusively for disabled fans and helpers so there will be little or no problem with queuing to get in). Disabled fans are admitted free, although helpers accompanying them pay normal ticket prices. However, space is limited (there are only about 130 spaces available in total) so it is important to arrange access in advance through the club.

Disabled fans may apply, free of charge, for a yearly pass which allows admission to all home games - helpers will have to buy a normal season ticket. Alternatively, passes are available for individual matches, but it's best to book these as early as possible (preferably a few weeks before the game). Passes are available through Diane Aston on 0121 525 8888 - you will need to write her a note describing your disability.

Separate toilets are provided for disabled fans, and these are of excellent quality with plenty of room for wheelchair users inside. Normal fans cannot get to these as they are located in the ramp entrance reserved for disabled fans and their helpers. Refreshments, however, are more limited as the normal areas are only accessed through stairways. There is sometimes a refreshment stand set up in the disabled entrance, but not always, so it's probably best to check in advance or take your own supplies.

Thanks to Marty Taylor for suggesting this article and for providing the information it contains. For more details, and to arrange access, tickets, passes and so on please contact Diane Aston on the general club switchboard number (0121 525 8888)