Paul Scharner on Private Passions

20 March 2012

No, it's nothing to do with seedy goings-on in hotel bedrooms involving Premiership footballers. Paul Scharner was the guest on Radio 3's 'Private Passions' show at 11.00am on the Sunday after the Wigan game, having been pre-recorded before the Man United game. Paul's contribution was straightforward, being one of the very few Premier League players with the knowledge and appreciation of classical music (R3's comment) required for R3's Sports Relief programme. Being Austrian helped, and he was clear on the similarities between classical music and football at the very top professional levels - both requring very heavy training and dedication. He was proud of having both Mozart and Strausss as fellow Austrians. Having been noticed as a Clark Kent lookalike following the MoTD interview wearing glasses on Saturday, such recognition for WBA is reaching heroic proportions as R3 obviously doesn't follow R5L and MoTD's unwillingness to recognise us as anything other than fodder for more newsworthy teams at both ends of the table.

Following Woy's book list what other exotic beasts do we harbour at the Shrine, I wonder?

 - Jim Rodda

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