No, it's officially Di Matteo!

30 June 2009

Former Chelsea midfielder and MK Dons Manager Roberto Di Matteo has been chosen as the man to replace Tony Mowbray. The announcement was made on the Official web site and no doubt further articles will be appearing in the local and national media very soon. He brings former Chelsea and MK Dons colleagues Eddie Newton and Ade Mafe as assistant head coach and fitness coach; where this leaves the current Head of Sports Science, Dan Harris, remains to be seen.

Interestingly, his appointment is being described as "Head Coach" rather than "Manager" - but for a player used to that system on the Continent, perhaps it was a title he preferred. He will be working alongside Sporting and Technical Director Dan Ashworth whatever the label on his hat.

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Not suprisingly manager after manager turns down the Albion job. not overly concerned by the names who have turned us down, however am concerned by the list of clubs the managers would rather stay at than join us, when we are supposedly one of the automatic promotion favourties with one of the best playing squads and massive support...

Peterborough United, Preston North End, Cardiff, unattached and St Johnstone.

Maybe they don't fancy working with hands tied behind their backs? Worrying times indeed.

Peace OUT !!!!!

 - steve o

I'm generally always optimistic and like to give every new manager a chance and I sincerely hope that Di Matteo's record last year was no fluke and that he is successful.

BUT... Are we to believe that of the 40 applicants that a rookie with a 1 year of experience in a lower division who didn't even win promotion is really the best choice?

I would love to know who the other 40 are. The fact is if Curbishley or Coppell were in there, they should have been given the job. I guess we'll never know.

Given that he has signed a rolling 1 year contract (huge show of faith that, as was Mowbray's at Celtic - or maybe it's a sign of the times with teams not being able to give managers bigger contracts for fear of having to pay them off), I'm more inclined to suspect that of all the interested parties he is the top candidate who would agree to our setup of Sporting Director above him.

I'm pretty sure most other managers want control of transfers and, if given an annual wage budget, the number of senior professionals that they can stretch that to.

Looks to me like the problem again is Peace, he runs the club probably 95% right, but it's the 5% that makes it unworkable for a lot of managers for any period of time.

Anway, welcome aboard Roberto - Be honest and try to play good football and you'll be OK by me.

 - Brendan Clegg

I have to say that I'm somewhat bemused by the appointment of a certain Senor Di Matteo. After only 1 year in charge of a club from the 3rd tier of English soccer, he is appointmented as "Head Coach" to promotion favourites for the Premiership.

Two points.

  1. If he was first choice, what was the standard of the other 40?
  2. Being brutally honest, this smacks of "penny pinching" by Mr Peace again. Why didn't more qualified Managers / Head Coaches entertain the job???? (Shame Mr Coppell / Curbishley, you'd have both done good jobs)

I desperately hope that I'm wrong.

 - Davo from Dudley

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